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MAPAS International is a budding entrepreneurial marketing firm of Medicinal, Aromatic Plants, Agricultural products and Spices to the entire world. We have inherited the rich knowledge about the vegetables, fruits and Agricultural products from the legend Mr. C. Paramasivam, contractor for the supply of diet articles to the Government Hospitals in the State of Tamilnadu of India whose experience spanning around 5 decades, combined our modern knowledge about the Medicinal, Aromatic Plants & Spices and MAPAS International flourished quite naturally.

We are following the "Customer is King" attitude in every order we bag. Our quality procedures are upto the world standard which in-turn retains the customers, as the result customers are cherishing the long-lasting relationships.

About Us

MAPAS International is a name synonymous with Medicinal, Aromatic Plants, Agricultural products and Spices.

MAPAS International is a budding entrepreneurial marketing firm based at India which exports Medicinal, Aromatic Plants, Agricultural products and Spices to the entire world. We the people running this business have 15 years of vast experience in supplying Vegetables, Spices and Grocery to the Government organizations with high quality at right time. As we wished to give shape to our entrepreneurial dreams and expand our service to the world community, the MAPAS International was born.

No need to introduce you to the Indian Spices and Vegetables as they have already grabbed their position at the world's heart. But, the only thing missing is delivering them with high quality at in time. Here MAPAS International came forward to fill this gap with the people having passion about quality delivery with high standards to the customer's delight.

We are the people "behind" this firm because we "put forth" the customer


We Provide high quality products in Competitive & Best price


Our products are with high quality and safe packaging


We have over 100+ happy and satisfied customers worldwide.

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We deals with Agro based Products. We commit towards their customers for quality products and customized solutions in the agro ingredient markets. We stand for excellence, innovation, reliability, quality products and relationships. Whenever you buy our product, we guarantee that it has been approved of the most stringent quality checks meeting the highest level of standards that are benchmark in the company.

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